Get to Know Me

Born in the north, transplanted in the south, I call Knoxville, Tennessee home. I love to go shopping, get lost in a good book, spend time with  my family, and I love my camera! My drink is a raspberry latte with whip and I crave spicy foods. I never say no to a good cupcake. My favorite place to relax is my deck or the gym. Nostalgia gets me every time. I  love music and if you pass me on the road you might just see me singing at the top of my lungs. TV is my favorite way to unwind in the evenings - I'm a sucker for reality shows and good drama, but my old favorites include Friends and Lost. I love to wear big comfy sweaters, skinny jeans, and boots when its cold, and breezy sundresses and flip flops when its hot. I love to travel, especially to the beach. There is nothing quite as awe-inspiring to me as standing at the edge of the ocean. I have two beautiful children, a boy and a girl, and an amazing husband - they are the light of my life! Jesus Christ holds my heart captive and I know it is HE alone who has blessed me with these!

If you want to know more about me, just explore the pages of this blog. Feel free to leave comments because I love hearing from you. Thanks allowing me to share these priceless memories with you! 

*A big thanks to Lori Hensley for these awesome pictures!

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  1. You are adorable! I can see the joy you have for life :)

    Keep up the amazing work!

    Ashley S.