Stories From Behind my Lens

I am a mom who fell in love with my camera after my own sweet babies were born. I decided to use my passion to create beautiful last memories into my own photography business. It has blossomed into Leah Nicole Photo. My goal is to create unique photos that capture you as you really are...laughing, playing, smiling, and just living life. Want to know more? Follow this link to visit Leah Nicole Photo on Facebook! Below you will find some of my favorites from my sessions.

March 18, 2012
Beautiful spring blooms. Beautiful expectant-mother. Beautiful love. Yes...this session was beautiful in every way! Matt and Elizabeth, I know you will be wonderful parents to Zoe because I could tell that you already have extraordinary love for her. Congratulations!


March 18, 2012
Meet Landon and his sweet parents, Bethany and Austin. Landon is two months old and as you can see he is just so sweet. Big smiles and a little bit of snoozing (which his mommy had to work very hard for!) It was worth it as you'll see in these images. There is nothing quite like the love of new parents for that first baby. You can see the happiness written all over their faces and it was my privilege to capture it.

January 24, 2012
Well, my first session of 2012 is sure to be one of my favorites for the year! You may remember Wednesday and Peabo's maternity session from a few months ago. Their little girl Parker came into the world just a little over a week ago. I had the amazing privilege to photograph her when she was brand new - only five days old. She is beautiful and so is this new little family.

December 17, 2011
You may recognize both of these gorgeous girls from previous posts. Kayla and Neveah wanted to get a family photo in time for Christmas and we ended up with a gorgeous day to do it. Neveah was so sweet and we were able to capture some beautiful smiles. I absolutely love her curls (and her mom's too!)

November 19, 2011
Amy, Drew, and Ella are a beautiful little family that I was blessed to know before they were a family. Will it make me sound old if I say that I taught Drew as a High School Substitute?...(I was very young at the time!) Drew and Amy both have such a sweet spirit! I especially loved that Drew brought his guitar. Music is a big part of their lives and the pictures with it are my favorite! I'm also quite fond of Ella's pictures. What a cutie!

November 12, 2011
When Miranda asked me to do her senior pictures we first talked about doing something out-door-say. Then she told me she just wanted something that was different. We had a lot of fun with this session in downtown Knoxville. I even had her posing in the middle of the street. The results are some really great photos that show off Miranda's fun personality! Miranda, I hope you have an awesome senior year and I wish you great success and so much happiness.

November 11, 2011
These pictures will make you melt... I know they do me. I was so privileged to travel to Kentucky on Friday to take pictures of Micah, only twelve days old. Micah belongs to Melissa who has been my little sister's best friend for years so she is like family. She and her sweet husband Mark were just beaming with pride - as they should be - over their new addition. He is so sweet. See for yourself...

November 1, 2011
This family session was special because of my connection with the Millers. Not only are they neighbors of mine, but I keep their little girl a couple of days a week and so she has become like a little part of our family. The girls are both adorable and as you can see they are part of a beautiful family full of love.

October 29, 2011
I have decided that I love senior sessions. There is just something great about that age when your heart is full of dreams for your future. It makes the smiles just that much brighter. Kayla's session was so much fun to do. As you can see, she's a beautiful girl and I had such a hard time choosing photos to edit because all of them were so great of her. Kayla, it has been such a joy for me to have a little role in your life. I pray that all of those dreams for your future come true.


October 25, 2001
Tim, Traci, and Ryleigh are so special to me! Taking their family photos was fun because they are so sweet and you can see how much love they have for their sweet baby girl and each other. Traci and I worked together at one time and she is still a good friend. I hope they love these photos as much as I do.

October 22, 2011
The pictures below are some of my favorites, simply because the subject is special to me. Hannah is Craig's cousin and it seems like yesterday that I met her as a cute little girl with big blue eyes. When her mom asked if I could do her senior session I was absolutely thrilled. Hannah still has those killer blue eyes, but she has grown into a beautiful young lady. We had an absolutely perfect night for pictures because the fall color is peaking and the light was gorgeous. Hannah, I hope that her senior year will be full of awesome memories!

October 21, 2011
I first met the Walker family when I took pictures at Reese's first birthday party. It was fun to get together with them again and take pictures of this family. We took these photos at the Museum of Appalachia in Andersonville, TN. It was my pleasure to help preserve memories for four generations of this family!

October 18, 2011
Wednesday and Peabo are so excited to soon welcome their little girl, Parker, who is scheduled to arrive sometime in January. Wednesday wears pregnancy well, and as you can see, she definitely has that glow. I had a lot of fun with this session and I can't wait to meet Parker when she arrives!

October 17, 2011
Meet the Burnham family - Scott, Megan, Eli, and Brianna. It was my privilege to photograph this very sweet family. Megan is a photographer herself but we photographers need someone to take our pictures too! These pictures were taken at the Arboretum in Oak Ridge and the warm fall color is incredible.

October 6, 2011
These photos are of my co-worker and friend, Rachel. She is so gorgeous and the camera absolutely loved her! The closeups are amazing. Rachel's boyfriend, Brett, also joined us for a few photos. I was thrilled to catch a sunset toward the end of our session. It was perfect.

October 1, 2011
I started the month of October taking pictures of three very sweet people - Kayla, Neveah, and Roger. Roger had asked to schedule a session have a portrait session and we were able to fit his daughter and granddaughter in with him so I had lots of fun taking pictures of all three of them. It was a little bit chilly and overcast but everyone was all smiles and I think the results speak for themselves!

September 18, 2011
Neveah Leigh is two years old! I had so much fun taking pictures of this little sweetie (who also happens to be my Salon Director's daughter so she helps me out at work sometimes.) Neveah loves princesses, and Dora, and Spongebob and got lots of these, but as you'll see a little pink cell phone was the hit of the party. She's already got all the spunk of a two year old and she is just adorable. Happy Birthday, Neveah!

September 12, 2011
These photos were taken downtown in Knoxville and the beautiful subject is one of my best friends, Amy. Amy and I met at college in Chattanooga and have been blessed to maintain our friendship over the years that have followed. I love just absolutely love this girl and you might just fall in love with her to when you look at these pictures!

September 10, 2011
Reese is one! She is also adorable. It was my pleasure to meet her and her family this weekend. Her first birthday celebration was beautiful.

Reese is one!

Party princess in her adorable tu-tu.

Reese is very loved by her sweet mommy and daddy.

Cake time...


...and yummy!

Happy Birthday, Reese!

August 27, 2011
This past weekend I got to photograph a birthday party for a super sweet family in Blaine, TN. Macy was such a cutie and was celebrating her birthday with the Little Mermaid!  Here are just a few of the pictures that I loved:

Perfect day for a party "Under the Sea"

Macy, the adorable birthday girl

Beautiful decorations and details!

Baby brother

The amazing cake

Sneaking a taste - I loved this!


A perfect hostess and wonderful mom

New wheels - what a fun present!

Pinata time - baby brother doesn't miss out 

Such a sweet family and a fun day

August 4, 2011
These pictures were taken in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina last week and the beautiful subjects are my sister's friends but truly they are more like family. They have a bond that they are so blessed to share...and they know this! They laugh together, encourage each other, hang out and act silly together, pray for each other...  They were such good sports for this session because it was HOT. I am so thankful they chose me to do this. It was my privilege to take these pictures!

Kat and Isaiah

Jill and Brian

Liz and Aaron

July 13, 2011
Here are some awesome photos of my niece and nephew, Allie and Brevin. They are almost 7 and 4 and just too cute for words. Theses photos speak for themselves!

July 7, 2011
The pictures you're about to see are absolutely adorable. It isn't really because of me, but because of the subject. These are pictures of my niece, Violet, who is from North Carolina. I took the pictures while we were all recently visiting family in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia. I hope she will make you smile as she does me!

May 16, 2011
Over the weekend I got to take pictures of my cousin Joseph and his girlfriend, Hannah on their prom night. I had so much fun watching them get all dressed up and just snapping away. They both looked awesome. These are just a few of my favorites.

April 26, 2011
Yesterday I took some pictures for one of my closest friends, Julie Raby. These were taken at the arboretum in Oak Ridge. The subjects are Julie and her 2 year old daughter, Rylee Grace.