Horror at Homecoming

In one week, I will be 30. It is exciting and somewhat unreal at the same time. It is hard for me to believe that I have three decades behind me. To celebrate, this past Friday, we went back to that first decade...aah, the 80's.

We threw a murder mystery party set at a 1980's homecoming dance. The company we used (Night of Mystery) can be found online and would definitely recommend it! Everyone was encourage to dress in 80's attire and that was fun! 

So without any further ado...welcome the the 1981 Mayhem High Homecoming Dance.

80's candy!

Home-made corsages and sashes for the homecoming representatives. 

Lots of neon...

The homecoming crown...

 My whole family did an awesome job decorating! Special thanks to Craig, Mom, Paul, and Meg!

Punch...of course. (You may or may not want to drink it...there's a murderer lurking...

My awesome cake...courtesy of my wonderful friend, Julie! It was perfect.

And now to introduce you to some of our students... Cindy Sensational and Kevin Kicker.

Sally Spirit and Peter Prez.

Debbie Taunt and Teach. (Doesn't "Debbie's preggo tummy just make it that much cuter!)

Bobby Backer and Dolly Dancer.

Each character was given specific instructions on how they were to interact. We received money, and an A envelope for the first half of the party and a B envelope for the second half. My character was Cindy Sensational. Sweet, smart, generous... I was college-bound on a full scholarship, dating a football player, and volunteering in the school nurses office. School sweetheart...or was I?

Here we're anxiously awaiting the announcement for King and Queen...

And the winners were...

Everything was going smoothly...until... All of the lights went out (except for my LED balloons - are these not amazing? I'm pretty sure they weren't around in the 80s but I had to have some!) 

When the light came back on...Bobby had fallen prey to murder...

Time to examine the evidence...

After the murder characters were given their second set of objectives...mainly to solve the murder. Tensions ran high.

Examining more evidence as it came to light...

Finally the principal announced that murder had been solved! Everyone got to cast a vote for who they believed to be guilty (as well as votes for some special awards) before the big reveal.

And the murderer was...the birthday girl! Apparently I wanted revenge because Bobby broke my best friends heart, and I also wanted my boyfriend Kevin to get more playing time. In my defense I only planned to frame Bobby for steroid use so that he would be kicked off of the football team...but alas, things got out of control..

Look out, I have a knife... Cutting into my delicious cake!

I also won the award for best-dressed..."Dressed to kill."

It was one of my favorite birthday parties ever, and definitely one of the most memorable. What a great way to start of my last week in my 20's. I am so blessed with wonderful friends, family, and many other joys of life! You know what? 30...I got this. 

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