Friday, September 16, 2011

Pinterest Inspired Photo Frame

When Amy was visiting I introduced her to Pinterest. If you have never explored this website you are missing out on a lot of inspiration. For those who don't know, Pinterest is a website of "virtual pin-boards" which you create and add to. I have only joined recently and have already found so many great ideas! I like it too because it helps me to organize and remember things I want to try to make, or wear, or get the idea. (You can check out my pin-boards by selecting the Pinterest link on the right hand side of my blog.) So as Amy and I looked at the website she said "Let's do one of these crafts tomorrow!" A girl after my own heart. We selected something simple and I thought I would share the how-to with you. First of all, your supplies; you will need a frame (It can be any color as you will be painting it. I chose a cheap clearance frame that was a bit damaged because I knew I could cover it.) a can of spray paint in your choice of color, a sheet of scrap-booking paper, a bulldog clip, and a hot glue gun.

The first thing you will do is spray-paint your frame and clip. Amy and I chose a wine colored paint. It was the first time either one of us had used spray paint and although we were a bit intimidated reading the instructions on the back of the bottle it was much more simple than American Accents made it sound. Take the frame apart and set aside the glass and back. (You won't actually need to keep the glass.) Now you're ready to paint!

Lay your frame and bulldog clip out together and spray paint both. It will dry fairly quickly. It can be handled within an hour. Amy and I waited just a bit longer to be safe.

Once your paint is dry you're ready for the even easier part of this project.

Put your scrap-book paper in your frame and put the back on. Do not put the glass back in the frame. Add hot glue to the back of your bulldog clip and position it on the top and center of your paper like so:

Now you have a fun frame that you can use for whatever you like! Pictures, recipes, artwork...the best thing is that it can be so easily interchanged and it looks great.

I am ashamed to admit that with all of the pictures I have taken recently, I have printed very few. So that is definitely on my to-do list! In the meantime I stuck this picture in the clip and I can't wait to change it out with updated pictures on a regular basis. (I will do this...) Super easy project that I'm thinking would make great Christmas gifts! You could make it very personal with the wide selections of scrap-booking paper out there. I love mine. Thanks to Pinterest, my kitchen now looks more interesting...or should I say "pinteresting?"

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